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Meet Kate

Kate was born and raised in the south suburbs but has deep roots in the south side of Chicago. 

After being a south sider her whole life, she moved up to Logan Square and was a resident there for over 20 years. 

She bought her first home when she was 25 in Logan Square. It was a fixer-upper and was determined to go at it alone. After many years and many projects, she got the home in shape, complete with re-styling the layout and creative decor. 

This is what started her love of real estate.  Even before she got her license, her favorite words were "I think I want to buy a place." would make her quickly go running to the nearest computer to look for their perfect home.

She realized that she was not meant to sit in a cubicle for the rest of her career. She was craving an outlet that combined her love of homes and her creativity. 

Her sister Julia was an agent and after watching exactly what she does, she was hooked.  

She has been an agent for over 5 years, having sold all over Chicago and the suburbs.  

Being an artist and experienced designer as well as knowing the joys and pains of home improvements, she is well rounded and can help you envision yourself in a space. Offering advice about how a place may be improved, renovated or just seeing your life in your perfect home. 

Oh, and she is a fan of vintage and MCM homes.  

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